SEACM supports refugees and immigrants from over 25 countries each year!

Countries include:  Laos, Mexico, Philippines, Peru, Netherlands, Germany, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Thailand, El Salvador, India, Malaysia, Colmbia, Ukraine, Honduras, Guatemala, Canada, England, Iran, Romania, Venezuela, China, Spain, Pakistan, Denmark, Romania, Kazistan, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dubai, Australia, Cuba, Trinidad
I am from El Salvador and came to the USA 20 years ago fleeing my war torn country. My two children were born here and I still only have Temporary Protected Status status and and must renew my Work Permit every two years. The paperwork is complicated and expensive and SEACM has helped me get it organized.
         - Bena, El SALVADOR

My mother is now 65 years old and has been in the USA since 1988. She has long dreamed of becoming a US Citizen but she was too afraid to apply. $680 is a lot of money and that is what it costs whether you pass or not. SEACM gave her a wonderful study guide and CD and gave her confidence. She had her fingerprint appointment last week and should have her official interview in a couple of months.
           - Meuy, THAILAND

My wife and I are in our 80’s and we are scheduled for our Citizenship interview in Sacramento for the first week in December. We have studied and studied the 100 questions on history, government and geography. They are hard for us but SEACM has helped us study and we feel confident we will pass.
       -Ramon, MEXICO

November 1987 - The SEACM office opens with funding and support from 10 churches with the purpose of providing support for refugees from Southeast Asian countries.
1988 - 1994 - The participating churches provided sewing classes, English classes, swimming instruction for children, cooking classes, Bible study, citizenship classes, help with green card applications and help enrolling children in school.  SEACM worked with the community organizations such as the Redding Police Department, Chico Police Department, school districts, Welfare Department, hospitals, DMV,  GAIN office, Health Department and service clubs (Kiwanis, rotary, SIRS, etc).  Support was also provided by Church World Service.  A yearly Southeast Asian Awareness Conference was heald yearly.

1994 - Present - The focus of the ministsry shifts as refugee camps are closed and there is no more reunification.  More Latino families arrive in the Redding area.  SEACM works primarily with immigrants from a growing number of countries. 
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